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Bremont JAGUAR MKII BLACK BJ-II/BK/R Replica Watch
15 junio 2019
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7 noviembre 2018
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What have I learned after I joined their AC45 America's Cup in Oracle?

“Are you afraid?” I replied, “Should I attend?” The lady asked me about “sitting up” with the “partners” of the American Oracle Airlines’ AC45 sailboat, which is designed to participate in the America’s Cup. game. This is in Chicago - this is not the first America's Cup I have ever been to, but this is the first time I have truly experienced a highly competitive sailing sport.bremont kingsman

Six years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a period of time on a boat called Le Hydroptere (soon sponsored by Audemars Piguet). I designed to be the fastest sailing ship in the world, I went to Saint Tropez, this should be a lifetime of wind experience. Despite the obvious and lovely environment in the south of France, our team has ushered in anemia with only a few winds. Under the right conditions, we continue to watch videos of what the ship can do.

Since then, I have participated in some sailing competitions as a bystander. One of the best is the party's favorite Les Voiles de St. Barth and sponsor Richard Mille. In a perfect place in the Caribbean, I learned something very important: to appreciate sailing, you need to be close to the boat. What I learned in Chicago is that in order to feel the thrill of the race, you need to be on board.

Bremont is one of the many romantic watch brands in the world of yacht racing. Who won't? This is a sport that is suitable for frequent travel, and most wealthy people like equipment and style (and identity). When you are trying to sell a watch, what else do you want to have in the event partnership? Almost all major watch brands have some current or historic feet in the sailing world, or ordinary boats. Although Bremont is the official timer for the America's Cup and a sponsor of Oracle Team USA, other brands are also represented, such as Ulysse Nardin and Omega. Prior to Bremont, Oracle Team USA partnered with TAG Heuer. For watch enthusiasts, competitive sailing is not just a mature field - it is obvious. What I have learned is that watch enthusiasts who are not familiar with rowing may be pleasantly surprised by all the content of the replica watches

To say the least, life as a America's Cup audience is easy. If you have some type of VIP or club use right, you will get gourmet, endless top alcohol, and actually quite good music. Not to mention a group of people similar to those interested in cars or airplanes, but offering their unique event appreciation style. The crowd I like to row is different from the severity of the flight and the accuracy of the driving, and sailing enthusiasts tend to be more leisurely - even if they are competing with boating for fun.

Think of the players who make up the America's Cup fleet. They are the drivers of the racers. Their actions (and looks) are like they are in the surfing spot for a quarter of a year. Also listen to the American accent carefully - because you can't find a lot. The main countries that offer competitive sailors seem to be Australia, New Zealand and England - these people may be more or less than ironic people.

Even with the AC45 in the highest speed race, the voices of the five team members were calm and collected. If I don't worry about the ship falling over or we are hitting another ship that seems to be correct on our way, I will find this experience to be... happily relaxing.

For a long time, the ocean has been a source of leisure and entertainment for countless generations and people around the world (just living on the water's edge). This is interesting because when I think about relaxing in the ocean, I have to remind myself that Lake Michigan outside Chicago is not the sea. In fact, this "American Cup World Series" is the first time in fresh water. Given the lack of salt air, it can be said to be a better environment. This also means that the buoyancy of the vessel is slightly reduced due to the absence of salt in the water. Lake Michigan feels more or less like a sea, but it's large in size and wind. Looking at the horizon across the city, you just see the water and add a sense of the ocean.

Anyway, it makes sense that when you combine the energy of a car with the calm of a large body of water, the result should be interesting - this is the culture of the America's Cup. Considered to be one of the oldest organized sporting events in the world, the America's Cup began in Portsmouth, England in the mid-19th century. It is known as the "American Cup" because it is clear that the first ship to win the game is called the United States. There wasn't even a British team in the last America's Cup, but this year they would like to thank the Land Rover BAR (probably not the most elegant or suitable champion).fake luxury watches

Having said that, I am still indulging in Oracle Team USA, mainly funded by Oracle founder Larry Ellison. He didn't show much appearance, but his boat often saw jets around the boat to keep a close eye on the action. Ellison himself has a history of navigation, which may explain why he is passionate about the sport. According to reports, he is also a watch enthusiast who can not be ignored. Sailing is not too easy - at least well done. Until you sit on a specially designed vessel with the intent to "fly" (fly) on the water, you will be aware of the many things you need to be aware of when trying to manipulate in the wind during complex markings. In the water.

Many people ask why Bremont decided to work with the America's Cup. The brand was originally designed as a manufacturer of pilot watches with a refined look, with a touch of vintage style. They add a side to the brand personality, but the yacht race is a bit left. Or is it? If I learned something from the guys in Bremont, it is naturally attracted to other people who love to move fast, they like the art of acting and success. Winning is not because it is outstanding, but the best (success). Watches are a tool that works with many people they admire, and they happen to design beautiful replica swiss watches .

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